Arts and Culture Events Management

QQI Level 6

Our Arts and Culture Event Management course is ideal for students who want to build a career delivering worthwhile experiences to audiences across the full spectrum of the arts, culture and entertainment industry.
Students who are creative and have a passion for arts and culture will gain practical, hands-on learning and work experience, balanced with experience of the administrative skills required to run successful events.


  • Event Management
  • Arts Event Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Web Authoring
  • Administration Practice
  • Communications
  • Work Experience

(Modules offered may be subject to change).


  • The course provides a balanced mix of theory and practice.  Through the selected modules the student will learn what is involved in managing an event, including planning, financing, budgeting, website development, online marketing, health and safety, business strategy and evaluation techniques.
  • Project work on this course will be industry led.  It provides and opportunity for the student to work in both a supportive role on an event and to create an manage their own event from the concept stage to post-event evaluation.
  • The work experience placement will provide invaluable first-hand experience in the sector for each student.
  • Guest lectures by industry professionals working in national and international events will provide valuable insights.

Planning, Media Management, Sponsorship Coordination and Arts Liaison officers.
“Knowing that Liberties College provides high level courses with a wide range of event modules is excellent for us as a growing events company and offers us an excellent starting point when going through potential candidates and CV's during the hiring process. It is hugely beneficial for us and students alike to have undergone such training.”

Robert Gibbons/Managing Director (We are Platinum - Arts & Culture Events, Dublin)


  • Candidates should have either successfully completed a programme leading to a level 5 QQI Certificate OR can demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with NFQ level 5 to be eligible to apply for entry to this course.
  • Mature candidates with suitable experience and an aptitude to work in the Arts Events management field are welcome to apply for this course.
  • Some candidates may qualify for grants such as BTEI, VTOS or SUSI.


  • Event Management B.Sc-Technological University, Dublin
  • Marketing with Event Management B.A. – Dublin Business School
  • Event Management with Public Relations B.A. – Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
  • Tourism with Event Management B.A. – Sligo Institute of Technology
  • Event Management B.A. – Dundalk Institute of Technology


Opportunities abound within the arts and culture events industry ranging from working with events management companies and consultancies to working in-house in museums, galleries, theatre companies, music venues and hospitality organisations.  Furthermore, the skills acquired in this course can easily be applied in other fields such as the sporting and corporate sectors.

Typical employment options include Events and Venue Management, Music Management, Theatre Production, Wedding Planning, Media Management, Sponsorship Coordination and Arts Liaison officers.