Success Stories

Adrian Kearns

A journey that started at Liberties and ended at TU Tallaght with a Higher Honours BA Degree in Applied Social Care. Little did I realise when starting off in Liberties that I would achieve this honour. Loved my time at Liberties and the support I received from staff and students shall stay with till the day I pass away.

Two tutors in particular played a pivotal role in my college progression. Tom Prenderville and Carmel Buckley seen something that I failed to see at that time. My sincere thanks to them and the college for the important role they played in steering me to where I am now and in the area of Social Care that I am happy in namely Youth Work.

Sincere heartfelt regards always, Adrian Kearns.

Dhyâna Garey

After my son was born, I felt like changing my career for something involving helping mothers and babies with their experience because I know that having good professionals around can make a positive difference.
So I choose the Healthcare assistant course focused on maternity care and during my placement, I could practice the theory I learned with the teachers and contribute to many families and the maternity hospital team. Although this pandemic year was challenging, the teachers did their best to adapt to the online classes making sure that we all were happy and I feel that I`m ready to take all responsibilities as a Healthcare assistant. I`d recommend the course for those who are looking for an institution to start their career in a healthcare setting.

Dhyâna Garey

Healthcare 2021


Karen Flanagan

I’ve always had a keen interest in maternity & decided to do the healthcare course in 2019/2020 to see if I would enjoy working in a hospital environment. The course is designed with placement in hospitals and this is beneficial when applying for jobs afterwards.

I found the course very comprehensive and covered all aspects & skills needed to progress in the healthcare role.

I’m now working in a maternity hospital as a healthcare assistant which I don’t think I would have secured without my certificate.

Karen Flanagan

Health Care May 2021

Rose Murphy

I decided to return to education as a mature student and study healthcare support in the Liberties College. I chose the Liberties College because it offered all the mandatory healthcare modules, along with an additional maternity care module and work experience in one of the three Dublin maternity hospitals. The course gave me a great range of experience in delivery suite, postnatal wards and the outpatients department as well as a greater understanding of maternity services and the foundations of anatomy and health. As a mature student, who had no previous experience in healthcare or science subjects, I worried I would find these modules hard but tutors were encouraging and consistently provided feedback on assignments and progress, which allowed me to improve in areas I found difficult. I am now studying midwifery in Trinity College and have carried across the knowledge and skills provided by the Liberties College into my 1st year.


Rose Murphy

“Liberties College was the catalyst for everything I have done in my life since I left there in 2004, with a Certificate in Youth Work and Community Development– It started a journey that would transform my life. I completed a degree in youth work, became a project leader in the John Bosco Youth Centre, where I’ve worked for the past 14 years and am currently studying for a master’s degree in PR and Journalism.

Liberties College is as much about personal development as it is about academic development and it helped me believe in myself and showed me what I could achieve”

Stephen Sharpe, Youth Studies


“I enjoyed every moment of TAP. This eye-opening course has reversed my attitude towards education and prepared me for university. Most importantly, it lighted a spark of interest in the world around me, which I’ll keep forever. I believe the unique opportunity to study at Trinity College afterwards puts TAP ahead of most other PLCs in the country.”

Daniel Craig, TAP Student


“Completing my Travel & Tourism Level 5 Course at Liberties College has opened up a world of opportunities for me. I have since graduated as an official Cabin Crew Member with Emirates and have been travelling all over the world”

Shannon Foley, Travel & Tourism


“I received huge amounts of support and encouragement from all the tutors at Liberties College. I currently work as a Programme Facilitator in a day service for adults with disabilities, whilst completing my degree in Social Care at night”