Textiles – Heritage, Craft, Revival and Renewal

QQI Level 5 Design

This course aims to explore the art of making traditional crafts by providing participants with the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge pertaining to various crafts and to use them in away that is relevant to the 21st century. Traditional crafts for example: Weaving, Felting, Lace Making, Patchwork, Quilting and Embroidery will be studied from an historical, contemporary perspective.

Participants will be afforded the opportunities to design, make and use crafts in a way that is relevant to their own personal creative direction.

Opportunity to explore colour, texture, design, fabric manipulation, fabric decorating and stitching, in conjunction with the development of mood boards and sample boards to include hand rendered and digital pieces, will underpin the core content of this course.

Concepts of sustainability and upcycling will be explored and emphasised. Participants will engage in the repurposing of vintage textiles and transform them into beautiful and usable textile pieces.

Principal areas of study

  • Design Skills
  • Drawing
  • Customer Service
  • Work Experience
  • Combined Materials
  • Appreciation of Art, Craft and Design
  • Ceramics
  • Woven Textiles

(Modules offered may be subject to change)

“Liberties College assisted me in my application to NCAD which was brilliant for me and I was also accepted into IADT which would not have been possible without the help and support I received on the Portfolio Course in Liberties. I loved everything about my experience there.”




  • Applicants who have done short part-time or introductory craft courses are especially welcome.
  • Students develop a practical working knowledge of Textiles and Craft skills as applied to traditional and contemporary heritage design and practice.
  • The chance to develop their own ethical and sustainable craft work.
  • Work placement experience which offers real opportunities to engage with professional textile makers and entrepreneurs.
  • A deeper understanding of the history and traditions of traditional crafts of weaving, embroidery, lace making and felting.
  • Collaborative working methods.


NCAD, TUD and CCAD (Crawford College Art & Design)

AD101 First Year Art and Design Common Entry

  • Textile & Surface Design
  •  Fashion Design

AD101 Art options common entry

  • Applied Materials, Hard Materials or Textile Art and Artefact

AD103 Textile and surface Design and Jewellery objects Level 8 restricted

MT820  Contemporary Applied Art

  • Ceramics, Glass, Textiles, Portfolio


  • Weaving machines operator
  • Threader and Patrol Controller
  • Production Operative- Weaving and Textiles
  • Loom or Embroidery Technician
  • Heritage Centre Manager
  • Textiles Buyer and marketer
  • Clothing textile technologist


  • No Portfolio required

General College Entry Requirements