Applied Social Studies – Part Time

QQI Level 5

Students wishing to obtain the Applied Social Studies Award may do so by attending part-time classes over two years.
Students will be expected to attend college two days per week and find a work placement for a third day. Students study four modules each year and attend IT Classes.


The modules on offer this year are as follows:

Social Studies– 5N1370

Having studied this module learners should have the knowledge,
skill and competence required to work in a Social Care setting.
It will introduce learners to the area of sociology and social studies.

Units of study

  • Discuss discrimination and its impact on travellers, the elderly, migrant workers etc.
  • Explore the role of the family as a social unit.
  • Complete a research project examining a social issue.

Human Growth & Development 5N1279

This module aims to equip the learner with the skills and competence
to work in a variety of community /social care settings, relating to
people at various levels of personal development.

Units of Study

  • Understand the pattern of development from infancy to old age with reference to physical, social & intellectual development.
  • Develop interpersonal skills appropriate to responding to the
    needs of others.
  • Explore your own fears and anxieties about working with people
    in need of care.

Word Processing – 5N1358

This module equips the learner with the knowledge and skills to use a word processing application to produce documents.

Units of study

  • Create documents, using margins, line spacing, paragraphs, page numbering etc.
  • Use a range of proofing tools such as spell check & thesaurus.
  • Save files in different formats, create folders etc.
  • Create mail merge and labels.

Communications– 5N0690

This module equips learners with the relevant communication skills
for work related tasks.

Units of study

  • Demonstrate communications styles and techniques relevant to different situations in work.
  • Use drafting, proofreading and editing skills to a range of documents.
  • Develop reading techniques such as skimming, identifying key points, critical evaluation etc

“Liberties College has helped me find my confidence in education. The tutors in Liberties supported me in finding my confidence and in understanding that education can be extremely interesting and fun. All the classes I had were about learning in a hands-on way, and the tutors have a really great way of making you feel safe to ask those questions you think are silly. We didn’t just learn off information from a book, instead we brought the material to life by having discussions in the classroom or presenting topics to each other. All the staff, not just the tutors, make Liberties College feel like an exciting and welcoming place to be and I would strongly advise anyone thinking of returning to education to apply to Liberties.”